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We create and deliver game-changing Nanoscale Materials Testing Technologies enabling you to develop the products of the future, enhance your competitive advantage and market position, supported by our world-leading characterization products, lab testing & certification division.

Advanced Materials Sector

  • Technical Textile
  • Advanced Ceramics
  • Filtration & Separation
  • Defense
  • Aerospace
  • Thin Film / Membranes

How we help

  • Test critical material property.
  • Grain regulatory approval
  • Develop custom instrument.
  • Identify & Rectify failures.
  • Improve product performance.
  • Ensure you meet QA/QC requirement.

We Serve

Laboratory Tests

M19 Products

Nanopore Analyzer

Hydrostatic Pressure Analyzer

Gas Permeability Analyzer

Why M19 ?

State-of-the-art ASTM Instruments

M19 custom-designed lab equipment is unique, because we are equipped to provide an industry specific customization.

Quality Testing

M19 examines your product performance, conducts ASTM-based test analysis, reviews your products efficiency, and ites end-application.

Dedicated Professionals

Client confidence in the technical competency of our deliverable is achieved through oversight, and peer review by our experienced engineers.

Customized Sample Holders

Prepare custom built sample holders to test you sample specimen, and simulate real-life testing conditions.

On-time Performance

M19 lab maintains an internal tracking system to track on-time performance & deliverables.

Cost Effective Testing

Leverage our competitive pricing & membership benefits. Multi-dimensional benefits to University Partners.


M19 lab team were able to quickly understand our research requirements and deploy indigenously developed systems for advanced filter characterizations. By combining their filtration expertise and lab facilities , M19 lab has provided excellent support. I appreciate your expertise and dedication to material characterization research.
Dr Praveen Chintalaya
Asst. Vice President
Research & Development - Reliance Industries Limited
M19 lab has been working with SMITA Research lab since 5 years and has been providing excellent technical support. Their customized R&D support and their out-of-the box solutions have easily solved some of our critical testing and data acquisition problems. I can confidently recommend the service and products of this young and innovative company.
Prof. (Dr.) Ashwini K. Agrawal
Institute Chair Professor & Head
Dept. of Textile Technology - Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi